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The Secret to a Natural-Looking Face-Lift

At Her Secret MedSpa, we understand that the decision to undergo plastic surgery isn’t easy. However, if you’re thinking about a face-lift, there are a few things we do differently that may put your mind at ease. Here, we let you in on a few secrets to getting the most out of your experience so you enjoy natural-looking results you’ll love.

Choose a highly skilled surgeon

Possibly the most important step in getting a face-lift is choosing a doctor who understands what you want and has the skill to make it happen. Dr. Eyad Hijazin and his team are dedicated to making sure you understand your options, have reasonable expectations, and end up with the look you want.

Understand the process

A face-lift isn’t simply a procedure you pop in for during your lunch hour. In order for you to walk away from the experience looking great and feeling even better, you must go through a process. It may take some time from the first consultation until your last follow-up appointment, but it’s time dedicated to making sure your ultimate beauty is visible for the world to see, naturally. 

During your consultation, your provider develops a suggested treatment approach. It may involve multiple procedures in order for you to reach your goal, or it may include several follow-up treatments after your surgery.

Follow the plan

The medical term for a face-lift is a rhytidectomy, and it targets your cheeks, middle of your face, your jaw, and your neck. Our team guides you through whatever treatment plan they think best suits your needs, discussing each step with you along the way to ensure you avoid an uneven or unnatural appearance.

Recover right

One step many patients are anxious to rush is that of recovery. Before you can enjoy the result, you need to allow time for it to fully emerge. And you must follow your doctor’s instructions exactly to ensure you heal properly for the best results.

Depending on the extent of your surgery, you may have some mild pain, drainage from your incisions, swelling, bruising, and numbness. All of those are temporary, but understand they may be part of your recovery. 

Plastic surgery is elective, but it’s still surgery, and your body needs time to recuperate. Prior to your procedure, our team helps you understand what to expect, how to take care of yourself, and what your recovery timeline should look like. 

Don’t skimp on maintenance

Once you’ve fully recovered and you’re enjoying the results, don’t skimp on visits to Her Secret MedSpa. Regular appointments help you continue to improve your look, as well as keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we provide natural-looking, beautiful face-lifts, book an appointment today. You can request an appointment online using our convenient booking tool, or you can call 914-810-2015 and we’ll be happy to get you scheduled!

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