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Her Secret MedSpa

Medical Spa located in Westchester, Mamaroneck, NY

If you have skin blemishes like sun damage, age spots, or spider veins, or you see the first signs of lines and wrinkles, you can effectively address all these problems with innovative photofacial treatments. Her Secret MedSpa is a luxurious medically supervised aesthetic facility located in Mamaroneck and serving the wider population of Westchester County, New York, that provides expert photofacial treatments using the state-of-the-art Palomar Starlux™ system. Call Her Secret MedSpa today to learn more about the advantages of noninvasive photofacial skin treatments, or book an appointment online.

Photofacial Q & A

What is a photofacial?

A photofacial is an aesthetic treatment that corrects skin blemishes that are getting in the way of your most beautiful appearance.

The team at Her Secret MedSpa uses the Starlux system from Palomar to carry out photofacial treatments, achieving a significant reduction in unwanted skin conditions to restore a more dewy, youthful-looking complexion.

What blemishes can a photofacial treatment improve?

A wide range of common skin blemishes respond to photofacial treatment, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Age spots and other brown spots
  • Redness and rosacea
  • Broken capillaries
  • Enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Adult acne
  • Rough skin
  • Facial spider veins

Photofacial treatment using Starlux also restores skin tone and gives you a youthful, radiant glow with zero downtime.

How does photofacial IPL technology work?

Photofacial technologies like Starlux work by using intense pulsed light (IPL), which is similar to laser technology, but operates across a broad light spectrum. Your highly qualified practitioner at Her Secret MedSpa uses different handpieces to target specific kinds of blemishes, ensuring that they apply precisely the right wavelength to the treatment area without affecting the surrounding tissues.

The IPL energy that Starlux uses clears up pigmented blemishes and spider veins as the skin absorbs the light into the pigment and blood. Starlux also stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin fibers to produce fresh skin that replaces the old, blemished skin.

How soon will I see the effects of photofacial treatment?

The effects of photofacial treatments take time to fully develop, so you won’t see an instant change in your skin. The pigment cells in discolored skin and blood in spider veins break down following treatment, and your body gradually flushes them away over the following weeks.

Meanwhile, your body’s natural healing abilities are kicking in to generate new, healthier tissue, a process that continues for several months. To achieve the optimal skin rejuvenation results, the team at Her Secret MedSpa recommends you undergo a series of five photofacial treatments over the course of several months.

To find out more about the benefits of photofacial treatments or to schedule a consultation, call Her Secret MedSpa today, or use the online booking tool.