Her Secret Medspa (His Secret, too) in Mamaroneck, NY

Many of us battle stubborn fat that won’t budge. Those unwanted bulges contain fat cells which resist diet and exercise. If you just can’t get rid of that muffin top or bra roll, it’s time to think about CoolSculpting!

At Her Secret Medspa, located in the town of Mamaroneck in Westchester, NY, CoolSculpting is carried out under the supervision of our medical director, Eyad Hijazin, MD. For over a decade, Dr. Hijazin has been a leader across Westchester county in medical weight loss strategies including revolutionary FDA-approved CoolSculpting. Dr. Hijazin and his staff are devoted to helping you maintain your secret. That is, your very best, most natural appearance!

Developed by Harvard scientists, the CoolSculpting body fat reduction procedure freezes stubborn fat, which is then naturally eliminated, by the body.

CoolSculpting can banish stubborn fat and address the following trouble spots:

Benefits of CoolSculpting:

How CoolSculpting Works:

The treatment works by using controlled cooling, or “freezing,” to target and crystallize fat cells. Crystallized fat cells gradually die off, and then are naturally eliminated from your body. In the weeks and months following a treatment, remaining fat cells condense, reducing the fat layer from the desire area. Since CoolSculpting works to freeze fat cells deep below the skin’s surface, the outer layer of skin is not damaged nor is there any scarring.

CoolSculpting treatments at Her Secret Medspa are sold in packages of two sessions for best results. At our comfortable Mamaroneck CoolSculpting facility, we use the latest applicators from manufacturer Zeltique®, so our CoolSculpting sessions only take 40 minutes.

During this time you can relax: read, watch movies, listen to music in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. Afterward you can immediately return to your normal activities, which is why CoolSculpting is considered a lunchtime treatment.

Get the body you really want with CoolSculpting.

Schedule your FREE CoolSculpting consultation at Her Secret Medspa today!

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