How Juvederm Can Restore Lost Facial Volume and Help You Look Years Younger

It’s unfortunate, but our skin seems to bear the brunt of the aging process. Over time, skin gets looser, more fragile, rougher, and fine lines and wrinkles make their appearance. At Her Secret Med Spa in Mamaroneck, New York, our team of doctors and aestheticians offer a robust menu of medical and spa services to help you look and feel your best. 

A signature rejuvenation treatment we offer is Juvéderm®, one of several injectable fillers that help smooth your imperfections. Read on as our team addresses a few common questions about the aging process and this ever-popular nonsurgical solution.

What causes the loss of facial volume?

The aging process causes collagen, a protein that provides the structure for your face, to slowly break down. Hormone fluctuations during menopause also affect the fat in your face and diminish volume. Some of the telltale signs you’re losing volume in your face are:

In addition, when you lose volume in your face, your bones are more pronounced and give a skeletal appearance. 

What are the target areas for Juvederm?

Juvederm is specifically designed to help add volume to your face by:

There are a few different types of Juvederm. Our team is well-versed in how each type targets your specific needs and helps determine which is best for you when they customize your treatment plan.

How does Juvederm work?

Juvederm is made with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in your body that helps you retain moisture and volume in your skin. Each injection with Juvederm restores support, lubrication, and volume to the problem areas on your face.

Do Juvederm injections hurt?

Our team uses ultra-thin sterile needles and each injection is quick. It’s not painless, but we numb the area well before the procedure, so all you feel is a pinch or a sting. The procedure is well-tolerated by most people.

How soon will I see results?

Wonderfully, the results are immediate. You will have some swelling, however, so you’ll need to give it a couple of days before your youthful glow emerges.

How many treatments with Juvederm do I need?

This varies and depends on the extent of your wrinkles, lines, and loss of volume. In general, our patients respond well to a single Juvederm treatment that lasts between nine months and a year. You’ll start to slowly notice that the effects are wearing off, and you can decide then if you’d like to return for a touch-up session.

Schedule your Juvederm appointment at Her Secret Med Spa, and restore your lost facial volume today. 

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