A Tummy Tuck Can Give You the Flat Abs You've Always Wanted

There are many good reasons people decide to undergo plastic surgery, and one of the most common is so that you feel great about how you look. A tummy tuck, in particular, can make the outside of your body reflect how you feel inside, and that can do amazing things for your self-confidence.

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About abdominoplasty

The medical name for a tummy tuck is abdominoplasty, and experts say there are medical benefits that go along with the cosmetic ones  — those flatter abs you want — that result from the procedure. For example, a tummy tuck can correct a ventral hernia, in which your intestine breaks through your abdominal wall. 

Additionally, a tummy tuck can address a certain type of urinary incontinence. If you leak urine when you sneeze or cough, a tummy tuck may help. In some cases, a tummy tuck can ease back pain and improve posture, as well.

Common reasons for a tummy tuck

There are a couple of common situations that make a tummy tuck especially helpful, and both involve rapid changes to your body that result in a less-than-pleasing look to your abdomen. 

First, many women decide to have abdominoplasty after childbirth. The rapid changes that happen to your body during pregnancy and birth can weaken your abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck can tighten things back up and help you feel like yourself again. 

Women who’ve recently given birth are particularly prone to stress incontinence and may also suffer back pain due to weakened abdominal muscles. If you have either of those problems, a tummy tuck may solve multiple problems — and give you the shape you want! 

Another common reason for a tummy tuck is rapid weight loss. Losing weight feels great, but it doesn’t always result in the look you expect. That’s because your skin may be stretched and hanging loose, or your muscles may not be tight across your abdomen. 

A tummy tuck can help you get the look you’ve worked hard for. A flat, tight abdomen helps your clothes hang nicely and can boost your confidence. 

Tummy tuck results

You can expect a smoother, flatter abdomen after your tummy tuck. If you have folds of skin on your stomach, or stretch marks, you can expect those to be improved, as well. Finally, your clothes fit better, with less pinching in pants and skirts. 

You’ll have a scar, of course, because a tummy tuck is a surgery that involves an incision. However, it’s usually low on your abdomen, running from hip bone to hip bone, and can be hidden by a bikini bottom. 

A sleeker silhouette, clothes that fit more comfortably and attractively, less appearance of stretch marks, and a smoother, flatter abdomen are the main results you’re most likely to observe. How much more confident will you feel? 

If you’re ready to learn more about abdominoplasty and to find out if you’re a good candidate, book an appointment at Her Secret MedSpa today. You can easily request one online, or you’re welcome to call us at 914-810-2015 and we’re happy to help.

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